Virtual Reality & High Tech

CD Recording Booth

Who’s the next American Idol? We’re giving your guests the opportunity to make this happen. Our slightly than larger telephone sized, sound proof recording booth provides the necessary privacy to record the next #1 nationwide hit. With headphone monitors, sound technician vocal levels that help produce a professional quality CD recording, guests will sing along to their favorite song and be on their way to Hollywood!

Dance Dance Revolution

That’s right! We’ve got DDR, the intense arcade game that turns your whole body into a joystick! Challenge your friends or the computer on our dance pads to see who has better rhythm! Our plasma screens lead the way as you engage in a round of frenetic dancing in order to score. Do you think you’ve got the right moves?

Mirco Reality Car Racing

Introducing our 1/10th scale version of NASCAR in action. A 28’x16’ oval speedway comes complete with six stock cars and six driving stations. Full size steering wheels, driving shifter, and digital time clock make this racing experience realistic. Take part in the spectacular crashes, high speed spinouts, rail bumping, and burning rubber of real stock car racers. What an amazing traffic builder! Perfect for any kind of event, function or social gathering where you want maximum response and positive results! We also offer sponsor-branded or customized cars and race track to suit any clients need. Let our professional staff and pit crew show you how to put your next event in the winner’s circle. Ask about our smaller tracks and monster truck mash.

Mobile Slot Car Track

Get ready for an extreme racing rush! This figure eight race track accommodates up to four players at a time. Racers gently depress the power trigger to control the speed of their car without driving it off of the track. The electronic L.E.D. display records lap times and lap numbers for each car so there is no dispute about who crosses the line first. Great for arcade theme parties or teambuilding events. Be sure to ask us about some of our other race car rental items.

Movie Madness

We put you right in the thick of it! Perfect Parties USA offers our version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Superman, Police Chase and more! Choose which movie you’d like to star in and we’ll make it happen (agent fee negotiable)!

Oxygen Bar

Experience the latest trend sweeping Las Vegas, New York and many other hip cities. What exactly is an oxygen bar? Imagine a bar similar to the one you go to on the weekends but instead of offering cocktails and wine – you offer a combination of pure oxygen and aroma therapy. Guests will select a favorite scent such as eucalyptus, mint, jasmine, or vanilla from our aroma station and create the perfect blend of scented oxygen for a period of 5-20 minutes. The oxygen bar provides a breathing ratio of 96% pure oxygen as opposed to the 24% in our atmosphere and replenishes the body’s natural energy levels, leaving you feeling totally refreshed. Please note: our oxygen bar is completely harmless and makes a statement at tradeshow booths and high tech theme parties.

Personalized Radio Broadcast

Get ready to experience one of our latest and greatest…a Personalized Radio Broadcast to be played by you! Perfect Parties USA now has its own broadcasting equipment that allows us to record a personalized message and then broadcast it within a 1 mile radius of your event. We create a personalized flyer that will be displayed on the windshield of your guest’s automobiles during your event. This flyer will inform each guest to tune in to a designated radio station upon leaving the festivities to hear a special, personalized message. How wonderful would it be to personally thank guests for attending your event or for a corporate party – for a successful Q4! It’s guaranteed to leave your guests a lasting impression.

Plasma Screens

Perfect for tradeshows, training seminars, weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs, our 42”plasma screen monitors are great for showing product videos, photo montages or even music videos. Supported by 8’ high polished aluminum trussing, the overall effect is an ultimate high tech and professional atmosphere!


Do you love calling the shots? How about narrating your favorite sport? Perfect Parties USA lets you be the next commentator for the big game… be it baseball, hockey, basketball or football. With a sports casting backdrop, a real headphone mic and more – you commentate the play by play of the game! Take home your video tape and submit to your local news channel because this video will be star quality!

Super FX Music Videos

Bring MTV Video’s to your next party! Our Super FX Music Video rental allows each of your guests to star in their own music video. Similar to Karaoke but more advanced, your guests can select a song from our music library, dress up in our stylish props and sing and dance like a music star. The experience is complete when their performance is video taped and then superimposed into wild special effects and backgrounds, giving them a take home VHS copy of their production. Will anyone win a music award?

Surfboard Simulator

This way cool simulator takes you on the wave of your life! With the integrated true-to-life surfboard, the player becomes one with the game. Leaning left or right, the participant moves in real-time with the character on the surfboard. A hand-held 3D controller is used to ride the wave and perform those special tricks that can make or break your ride. Do you have what it takes to hang ten? If you like surfing, be sure to ask us about our mechanical surfboard.

Synthetic Skating Rink

From Cirque Du Soliel to major cruise ships and even Las Vegas Casinos… everyone loves synthetic ice! And now Perfect Parties USA offers a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink that is comprised of an artificial skating surface that requires no refrigeration. A perfect accessory for block parties, ballroom events or just in the backyard, our synthetic ice surface lets you enjoy the winter sport all year long. Complete with over 60 pairs of rental skates and fencing, the synthetic ice rink is just the thing for holiday parties (figure skaters can perform during cocktail hour) kids hockey practice, tree lighting ceremonies and even community fundraisers.

Talking Parrot

By far one of the hottest rental items we have to offer, Paulie the Parrot combines the latest robotics and animatronics to be one of the most entertaining guests at your next event. Sitting atop of a wooden perch, Paulie comes equipped with a secret microphone and video camera while a remotely hidden operator acts as the eyes, ears and voice of Paulie the Parrot. By watching the event from a TV monitor, the operator uses a voice synthesizer to control the bird so that he interacts real time with your party guests. Paulie the Parrot guarantees to mesmerize guests with his intelligence, humor and element of mystery. Great for cocktail hour entertainment, birthday parties, wedding receptions and our bird brain trivia game show.


Videogame Truss Tower

Experience the latest, most sophisticated video experience at your next event. These 8’ tall polished truss towers support a plasma screen monitor and feature a variety of video games. Aside from the vast selection of games available, these towers are popular because of their high-tech appearance and high throughput. Multiple towers are available for larger events. Popular games include Dance Revolution, Virtual Golf Simulator, Virtual Reality Race Car Driving, Virtual Surfing, Virtual Snowboarding, Virtual Baseball, Virtual Boxing and much more. A favorite at bar/bat mitzvahs!

Virtual Reality Basketball

Feel the slam dunk and the nonstop action from Perfect Parties USA’s new Virtual Reality Basketball title. Standing center court in a virtual arena, you’ll experience the rush from the crowd cheering you on as one minute remains in the game. From start to finish, a computer generated opponent tries to control the ball to protect his lead, tantalizing you into action and beating his game. This new video game experience uses the latest green screen technology, putting your virtually in the game!

Virtual Reality Fishing

Catch the excitement! This unique set-up can duplicate the strike and fish fight in realistic, heart pumping action. Our fishing simulator combines rare, underwater film footage of popular sport fish with an advanced computer system to create a totally sensational, realistic fishing experience! An excellent choice for trade shows with tight space constraints.

Virtual Reality Golf Simulator

The Perfect Parties USA Golf Simulator consists of a high-tech software and swing arm assembly that actually translates your swing and ball impact into realistic flight, speed and direction while you watch your ball travel the course on a giant screen. Practice your swing on a virtual driving range or a nine hole course designed after some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. This golf simulator is extremely realistic and a huge hit for corporate parties and trade show traffic building. For added visual impact, ask us about our inflatable golf driving range dome.

Virtual Reality Motion Ride

Step inside this motion base chair, pull back the throttle and sit tight as your virtual chair springs into action – bucking like a bronco! Turn the joystick right or left and hold on tight because this chair banks with your actions. Two players are linked together for the ultimate race. We don’t believe in just playing games, we get you to experience the real ride!


Virtual Reality Race Cars (two cars)

There’s no looking back once you’ve closed the race car door! Just tighten your race harness, build up the revs, wait for the green light and GO! Using driving simulation software, these simulator cockpits put you in the driver seat of an Indy racecar. Vibrating steering wheels, gas and brake pedals, realistic sound effects and an LCD monitor makes these cars a sure victory at your next event. Rent up to four cars for your next party and get ready to race your guests (yes – racecars are linked together)!

Virtual Reality Soccor

Test your net minding skills! This net is big and your opponents are quick, so as the virtual goal keeper you must be on top of your game. View yourself in the crease, defending the net and using your entire body to block a barrage of shots from your off screen opponents. A fun and exciting way to test your goal keeping skills! Are you ready for the Pro-Team?

Virtual Reality Speed Dome

Introducing the newest rental item added to our inventory…THE VIRTUAL RACING DOME! An enclosed, inflatable dome houses four virtual reality racing cars that are simultaneously linked together for racing purposes. How it works: Participants sit in one of the “race-cars” and compete against each other, all happening before their very eyes on a giant movie screen. The arcade quality sounds, vibrating steering wheels, and high throughput make this rental item a guaranteed party favorite (for all ages alike)!

Virtual Reality Volleyball

Perfect Parties USA puts you and your guests in a live interactive video image on a sandy court for a seaside match of all matches in our version of Virtual Volleyball. Bump, set and spike your way to victory, but don’t hit the ball too hard or you’ll side out and forfeit the winning title! Suncreen is optional!