Prefomers & Shows


Highly skilled costumed performers dance and perform acrobatics in the air and on the ground plus amazing stunts. Each performance is tailored and choreographed to suit your unique event.


With a creative in-house team of accomplished actors,actresses and script writers, Club T Productions USA offers customized production of award ceremonies, product launches and corporate banquets. With our custom tailored skits, we drive home your event theme and message in an entertaining fashion that guarantees to capture attention. No audience size, event theme or function location is an issue. Call and ask us for testimonials and see for yourself what other satisfied companies are raving about!

Airbrush Tattoo Artist

Our airbrush tattoo artists comes complete with a diamond plated push cart and a flip chart of over 100 tattoos. From intricate tribal arm band designs, Chinese symbols or beautiful roses, we provide the experience of sitting at an authentic tattoo parlor. Our airbrush tattoos are non toxic and last between 5-7 days. They are just like the
real thing without the pain!

Airbrush T-Shirt Artist (per hour)

Our airbrush t-shirt artists magically paint names and other graffiti type artwork on t-shirts, sweat pants and even boxer shorts while you wait. For added impact, ask about imprinted giveaways

Alexander King of Jesters (per hour)

He’s a one man wonder. He changes costumes in a split second, looks at you through a darting eyeball in his mouth, plays three flutes simultaneously in staggered rhythms, and even squirts ridiculous amounts of water out his mouth like a sculpture in a fountain? Alexander can hold as still as a gargoyle while the crowd eagerly awaits his next move. His humor is universal and has been his ticket to international comedy festivals in Quebec and France and has frequently toured Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. Both audiences and fellow artists recognize Alexander’s performance as truly unique.

Asian Name Painting (per hour)

In the Chinese culture and tradition, people have always believed that painting a person’s name with graceful and colorful animals brings that person good fortune. Club T Productions brings this gift to you with one of our name painters, creating the perfect take home souvenir that brings good fortune. Just give the artist your name and watch your name be transformed into rainbow letters with Hawaiian flowers, fish, animals, exotic birds and dolphins. Not only a piece of artwork, but a lasting party memory!

Balloon Artist? (per hour)

Have a professional balloon artist create well over 500 items (hats, animals, swords, etc) out of balloons at your next event. We utilize the talents of some of the best balloon sculptors in the world and almost nothing is beyond their capabilities. Elaborate balloon hats, Disney Characters, Warner Brothers Characters and custom, life-size sculptures are all part of their specialty. Our balloon artists are great for strolling at fairs, entertaining at corporate events or giving birthday party stage shows that everyone will remember.

Basketball Show? (one hour)

The Hoop Wizard is world renowned for his trickery and antics with basketballs. Be prepared for a 45 minute interactive, comedy show complete with ball spins, tricks and games! A basketball entertainer for most of his life, Jack is a former Harlem Wizard and was also invited to the NJ Nets Free Agent Rookie Camp in 1990. The Hoop Wizard
performed at the 2001 NBA-All Star Weekend and numerous Division I College halftime shows. Great for kids birthday parties – the Hoop Wizard will make sure every child spins a basketball on his own!

Break Dancers

Originally formed in 1981, the Floor Lords have played an important role in the evolution of hip hop culture for two decades. Helping first define and then expand the art of breaking, the group has helped bring hip hop to millions of fans worldwide through television and film appearances. Now established as a professional dance troupe, the Floor Lords continue to share their art through “Floor Lore”, a play written, directed and choreographed by the group, and through other Special Performances.

Can Man

The Can Man Can! He magically creates tin sculptures out of soda and beverage cans with specialty tools including metal cutters, gimp and rubber tubing. The Can Man cuts, bends and transforms ordinary cans into detailed hats, pocket books, model cars and much more.

Caricature Artist (per hour)

Our cartoon artists will draw comical pictures of your guests at your next event. Even family portraits are just a reservation away and will keep guests entertained for hours! Full color drawings on your own custom requested paper make for a great event souvenirs.

Cigar Factory (per hour)

Planning a special event? Make the occasion truly memorable with a cigar rolling demonstration. Outdoors, indoors, on the golf course or on the water, our cigar factory will come to you providing quality cigar rolling entertainment like you’ve never seen. In addition to rolling cigars, we can provide customized cigar bands for your gala event, ensuring your celebration is remembered months later when that perfectly rolled, customized cigar is lit. In addition to artful cigar rolling of classic stogies, our cigar factory offers cigars flavored with chocolate, cured in whiskey barrels or packed with a custom blend of Dominican tobacco, vanilla and pineapple rind.

Cigar Roller (per hour)

Planning a special event? Make the occasion truly memorable with a cigar rolling demonstration. Outdoors, indoors, on the golf course or on the water, our cigar factory will come to you providing quality cigar rolling entertainment like you’ve never seen. In addition to rolling cigars, we can provide customized cigar bands for your gala
event, ensuring your celebration is remembered months later when that perfectly rolled, customized cigar is lit. In addition to artful cigar rolling of classic stogies, our cigar factory offers cigars flavored with chocolate, cured in whiskey barrels or packed with a custom blend of Dominican tobacco, vanilla and pineapple rind.

Game Show Mania

Come on down… you are the next contestant in Game Show Mania. Game Show Mania is the Jeopardy style television show brought right to you. Complete with lit up game stations, digital scoring, music and even a game show host, this game gets everyone at your event involved. For enhanced competition, ask questions about company trivia or team strategies. Prizes are included for the winning team!


Need we say more – Be prepared to LAUGH!


These double-jointed acrobats twist into extraordinary and the most unusual positions. Complete choreographed shows come with special effects including music, lighting as well as multiple entertainers upon request.

Costumed Dancers? (per hour)

Our talented dance troupes are available with an array of dazzling costumes and routines. From the Can Can to the Salsa dance for a tropical themed party, we have you covered. Great for cabaret style shows, grand openings or theme parks. Be sure to ask about our vocalists and acrobat routines!

Drag Queens? (per hour)

Want to make your party even more of a celebration? Our Drag Queens will burst into your next event with brilliantly colored costumes and mile high hair. Any Drag Queen adds instant excitement and fun!

Fire Eater (per hour)

Heat up your next event with an exciting performance fire eater. Costumed in a sequence outfit, our fire eaters juggle flame torches, swing flame lanterns and culminate their act with a dramatic and suspenseful display of fire eating and breathing.

Fortune Teller

Have your fortune told by some of the nation’s most accurate psychics. Whether you’re looking for a tarot card reading or just a good old-fashioned palm reading, you’ll be frightened by how accurate the predictions will be. What’s in your future? You just have to “book” and see!

Hair Beader (per hour)

Hair beading is one of the hottest event trends sweeping the nation. Club T Productions USA now brings you the same hair beading that used to only be offered by hot vacation spots in the Caribbean and on cruise ships. Boys and girls can choose from different colored beads and different hairstyles. The design lasts for up to 1 month so this makes a long lasting impression of your event!

Hay Rides? (two hours)

Looking for old fashioned transportation? Our two show horses can pull up to twenty of your guests at your next function as they sit on bails of hay. A perfect accompaniment to Western themed events, parades and especially Halloween parties. And if there is snow on the ground? No worries ?€“ just request a sleigh! This creates a great atmosphere for nativity re-enactments and community Christmas caroling.

Holiday Scrooge Character

BA HUM BUG. Our strolling Scrooge character plays this role perfectly. A guaranteed treat for corporate holiday events, tradeshows, store sales and much more. This is the only Scrooge we know that will actually put you in the holiday spirit!

Hula Dancers

Our Hawaiian dancers provide the perfect luau and summer outing entertainment. Complete with costume changes, drummers, fire eaters and more, these captivating dancers will make your event one of the most talked about of the year. Multiple dancers available for performance, instruction, and meet and greet. The experience is so authentic, guests will feel like they’ve traveled to an island oasis!

Human Dessert Dancers

A surreal yet functional way to present yummy desserts or hors d’oeuvres our Human Dessert Tables have actual costumes built around the tables which move with the performers. The bodices are white corsets embellished with mirrors that match the tabletops. The side ruffles are under-lit to produce a soft glow.

Hurdy Gurdy Monkey Man

Have Tony the old-fashioned organ grinder play lively music on his authentic European street organ as Coco (the world’s only Elvis impersonating monkey) dunks basketballs, plays catch and imitates her favorite piano stars. This act has been featured on the Late Show with David Letterman and even on the NBC Today Show. Tony and Coco are an
unbeatable team that guarantees to dazzle the guests at your next affair.


Get ready for the ultimate in audience participation. A Las Vegas style hypnotist will entertain both the young and old alike. Particularly popular with high school students at post proms, students may be hypnotized to be stuck in their chairs or trapped in an overheating bus. The show lasts for over an hour so be prepared to laugh!


Interested in witnessing incredible music, fantastic lighting, skilled dancing, expressive theater and laugh out loud humor packaged with grand scale illusions? Look no further ?€“ we bring you all that and more with our expressive Illusionist

Impersonators? (per hour)

Have a celebrity look-a-like show up at your next event and be prepared for the excitement they will generate. Whether it’s Tom Cruise, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond or Hailey Berry, all of our impersonators will have you doing a double take. Perfect for grandopenings, award dinners, weddings or galas. Call for a complete listing!

Juggler? (per hour)

Looking for something fun and unusual at your next event? Try a juggler from Club T Productions USA. Whether you’re looking to promote a product or just entertain your guests, jugglers always capture the attention of an audience. One of the most amazing acts: juggling flame torches or sharp swords while riding on a unicycle! Now that is a breathtaking spectacle. Be prepared for massive applause!

Living Statue? (per hour)

Living Statues, which have roots deep in the European street theater tradition, add an aura of sophistication and magic to any event. Our living statues add an elegance and air of mystery because of their spectacular appearance. Living Statues can be completely still (i.e. ornamental) or interactive, depending on the character or event.
We have many characters to choose from with the ability to custom create the perfect identity for any event.

Mad Science Show

High energy, interactive science shows include special effects like? chemical magic, laser lights and glow-in-the-dark chemical reactions. Expand your party with bubbling potions, laser light shows, rocket launch demonstrations and cotton candy making. We promise no mess and no hassles ?€“ just crazy, hands-on science demonstrations.

Magicians? (per hour)

Whether you’re looking for a strolling magician for cocktail hour or a full scale stage show, Club T Productions USA has you covered. Our magicians use live animals and could quite possibly “saw” a person in half right before your eyes. Get ready for comedy, mystery and tons of audience participation!

Massage Therapist? (per hour)

Treat your guests to the gift of relaxation at your next convention, tradeshow or special event. Our licensed trained massage therapist comes complete with lotion, massage chair and gifted hands!

Mime? (per hour)

Try something a little different at your next event! Utilizing comedy, props and intriguing characters, our mimes can custom design a show that everyone will remember. Mimes make great strolling entertainers and even better stage show performers. Great for parades, product promotions or corporate holiday parties!

Nail Artist? (per hour)

Request a fingernail artist at your next event! Offering French manicures, airbrushed designs or nail decals, Club T Productions brings the stylist to you. We use glitter and sequins and can even transform your nails into ladybugs, fish or flowers.

Origami Artist? (per hour)

The Japanese art of paper folding comes to your event! No scissors, tape or glue?€?just an amazing transformation of paper. Birds, hats, dinosaurs and paper bracelets are some of our favorites. Aside from creating great take home gifts, our origami artist can lead group instructions where your guests create their own art work.

strong>Pappa Razzi & Screaming Fans

We roll out the red carpet and our team of acting photographers and fans make your guests feel like stars. They beg for autographs and scream out for a photo, this is a fun addition to any Hollywood theme party or corporate award banquet.

Preformance Bartenders

The movie Cocktail has nothing on us?€? you can have these talented showstoppers at your next event. Our performance bartenders will entertain your guests for hours with Vegas style showmanship. Watch them serve up custom themed cocktails using fresh ingredients and cool garnishes in service oriented bar service. Each bartender comes
equipped with the necessary tools needed for both show and service, including a portable bar unit. For added excitement ask us about black light performances, interactive magic and custom themed cocktails.

Petting Zoo

Club T Productions can provide you with an array of farm or exotic animals at your next event. Complete with fenced in pens,trained operators and animal feed, children always enjoy our petting zoo. Some of our favorite animals include sheep, goats, llamas, talking birds and snakes. For even more excitement ask us about pony, elephant or camel rides

Pony Rides

Our sweet-natured and well-groomed ponies will bring smiles to the faces of the children at your party. Pony rides at your event will provide the children with memories of happiness and fun. We have medium and large ponies that can accommodate riders who weigh up to 85-100 pounds. Appropriate ages are 1-10+ years. Young children may need an adult or parent to walk with them. Each pony can give about 30 rides per hour. Each ride is 1-2 minutes in length, depending on the number of children at the event. In planning your event, the best idea is to have the pony rides begin 30 minutes to 1 hour after start of the event to insure that everyone has arrived to take advantage of the pony rides.

Puppet Show

Enter the world of children’s stories brought to life by colorful puppets. Stories of friendship, mystery and laughter are some of our favorite themes. Audience participation is the true joy of our puppet shows!

Red Carpet Entrance Way

Your guests will be the stars of the show ?€“ just roll out the red carpet! Our red carpet entrance way comes complete with a brushed aluminum arch way and chasing lights. Custom signage and over 10’ of red carpet make this an entrance way you would only see in Hollywood! For added effect ask us about the pappa razzi and screaming fans.

Riders? (per hour)

Straight from the fun loving amusement parks to Club T Productions USA?€? we offer direct to you incredible walking illusion costumes, proclaimed as the most original entertainment and promotional innovation of the decade. Intriguing yet totally hysterical, these costumes are great for tradeshows, parades, team-building or costume parties. Feeding instructions included!

Singing Waiters? (per hour)

Get ready to surprise your guests when these waiters unpredictably reverse roles form servers to singers. Whether it’s right at the table, up on a stage ?€“ solo or singing a duet, these waiters guarantee to serve up some good old fashioned entertainment. Ask about custom song lyrics or themed selections.

Small Animal Show

Try an interactive, educational animal show at your next affair. Our animal rangers set up a tabletop display containing frogs, lizards, scorpions, insects and much more. When the show begins some of the featured animals include talking parrots, snakes, ferrets and even a crocodile. This program is ideal for school fairs and birthday

Stilt Walker? (per hour)

Amaze your guests at your next event with our 12-foot high stilt walker. Whether you’re looking for an oversized Uncle Sam, toy soldier or baseball player, Club T Productions USA has specialty characters just for you.

Story Teller

Promote literacy at your next event with a storyteller from Club T Productions. All of our storytellers incorporate props, multiple voices and audience participation in their programs. Sessions can last between 15 minutes and 2 hours and may include classic fables or customized plots?

Tattoo Artist? (per hour)

Our Tattoo Artist actually draws authentic tattoos on your hand or arm with colorful, specialty markers. There are hundreds of tattoos to choose from ?€“ each lasting up to one week. A great addition for bar/baht mitzvahs.

Trampoline Stunt Team

Amaze audiences of all ages with our talented, high flying team of trampoline acrobats. They will leave you speechless.

Trivia Man? (per hour)

The Trivia Man is a strolling genius for your next party, guaranteed to stump even your smartest guest. Armed with a plethora of knowledge, our Trivia Man asks your guests questions in a fun yet fascinating manner and hands out prizes to people who guess correctly.

Unicyclist? (per hour)

Our unicyclist will impress the guests at your next event. While riding on unicycles up to 10 feet tall, our performers juggle and even jump rope. You won’t be disappointed!

Ventiloquist? (per hour)

An array of puppet characters magically come to life as their operator mysteriously becomes the voice without moving his/her mouth. It’s truly fascinating to watch the puppets many actions and conversations but it’s even more entertaining trying to catch our ventriloquist in the act (but you never will)! Great real time interaction with guests and full stage choreographed shows with comedy and music are available.



Wacky Hats

She is an improvisational comic entertainer by nature, a sculptor by training and a paper wizard by craft. Wacky Wendy has long dazzled thousands of audiences with her ‘instant’ party hats that she deftly cuts from paper disks in just seconds. Her one-of-a-kind talent is turning fine-art into fun-art, by transforming paper into intricate, clever, personalized and funny hats, masks, costumes, accessories, displays and anything else you can imagine!



Wacky Waiter

This very formal yet goofy waiter creates havoc, mayhem and laughs galore. Available as a stage act or strolling entertainment, the Wacky Waiter creates dinner diversions for parties of any kind. He’s just the accessory for special awards banquets, cocktail hours, holiday parties, corporate sales meetings or just any event you want to produce fun and memorable times!



Western Preformers

If it’s a western themed party you want, we’ll make sure it’s a western theme party you get with our authentic gun spinners, whip artists, rodeo clowns, single action shooters, trick ropers, knife throwers, cow girls, saloon girls and even cowboy poets. Entertainers so authentic you’ll think they traveled from the Wild Wild West!



Wire Sculptor? (50 Pieces)

A fascinating entertainer who magically twists and turns wire into take home cooper figurines. Weather you enjoy soccer, tennis or shopping, this artist will magically create a sculpture depicting your favorite hobby.



Yo Yo Artist? (per hour)

Request a world renowned Yo Yo artist visit for your next event. Special tricks such as around the world or rocking the cradle will amaze you. Our Yo Yo artists are not only great performers but also great teachers. For added impact, customize yo yo’s for your special event!