Arcade & Billiards

Air Hockey

Who doesn’t like Air Hockey? This 7’ air hockey table will add excitement to any event. Checking is optional!

Arcade Basketball

How to play: two players, two hoops, and one ticking clock. Test your skills to see who can withstand the pressure and sink more three pointers before the buzzer sounds. A digital scorekeeper tracks the points and remaining time left before someone is crowned the champ. This is pure, irresistible fun for both adults and children alike!

Arcade Football

Similar to electronic basketball, this game is a true test of hand and eye coordination. Two contestants play simultaneously as they compete against the clock in an attempt to throw as many footballs as they can into the receivers hands. The digital scorekeeper tracks the points and remaining time left before the buzzer sounds. Look out NFL quarterbacks, electronic football is coming to town near you!

Arcade Games

Club T Productions USA houses a large selection of popular arcade games. From Golden Tee, Daytona 500, Alpine Skier, Wave Runner, Dance Revolution and much more, we can provide the right games for your event! Inventory is frequently changing, so please be sure to call for availability.

Cash Cube

Hope you have fast hands because the object is to catch as much money as you can. Fill our crazy Cash Cube with real dollar bills, gift certificates or just fun play money and then watch as each guest steps into the phone-sized booth and waits for the air blower to turn on. Swirling money is everywhere and there is only a certain amount of time to grab as much of it as you can! A great item for casino nights, tradeshows and even sports banquets.

Dome Hockey

Where USA vs. Russia all began! This dome hockey is similar in design to foosball where participants move metal rods to carefully control their hockey players in a miniature ice arena. Complete with electronic scoring and crowd sound effects, this game will have everybody competing for the Stanley Cup.

Electronic Darts

End the questions about how to keep score and stay updated as you play. This high tech dart game electronically keeps score and puts an end to all the guesswork. The only concern you will now have is who will earn bulls eye bragging’ rights?

Electronic Putting Challenge

Put your golf-putting skills to the test with our Electronic Golf Putting Challenge. This game accommodates up to four players who compete on 18 holes of golf. This high tech unit mechanically changes the terrain of each hole before moving on to the next. With an electronic ball return and a talking score keeper, this game is guaranteed to tee up excitement.


Are you ready for some Foosball? This classic arcade game is bound to keep your guests highly entertained! Set up a foosball tournament for added game strategy and pressure. Be sure to ask us about our arcade packages!

Gold Fish Racing

Ready, Set, GO! These 8’ long clear, acrylic racing lanes come equipped with water, a starting gate and live goldfish! Players must blow bubbles through a straw in the water behind their fish to assist the goldfish cross the finish line first. No special talent or ability needed (other than the players must be breathing)! It is equally fun to watch or to participate and rest assured, the fish are not harmed in any way and can either be given to guests as a memento or simply returned to their aquarium! A great game for company BBQ’s, picnics, Christmas parties and especially team-building events. Book yours now!

Hermit Crab Racing

It’s incredible, totally cool and outrageous! Choose your winning “hermit crab” from a variety of brightly colored, sports-themed or wacky designed motifs. Get your crab to be the first out of the circle arena and win! It’s that easy! We also have themed arenas to choose from including a football field, casino, grand prix and many more! Winners receive prizes and a special photo with their lucky crab. Get ready for some serious laughs!


Those fun, zany, loud and colorful pinball machines are here! We have some of the most highly played machines as seen in upscale arcades. Call for a current listing of available titles.

Ping Pong

Table Tennis for all ages! Complete with paddles and ping pong balls, challenge your opponents hand and eye coordination on this miniature tennis court. Play with pairs and create double the excitement.

Pool Tables

We have them folks! Professional grade billiard tables – the kind with beautiful mahogany and a rich, felted playing surface! Turn any event into your own pool hall and we bet you’ll start a little gambling ring of your own! Great for team building and arcade-themed parties.

Power Bowling

We bring a virtual bowling alley right to your party. Complete with arcade quality sound effects and a 10’ video screen.


Skee-Ball has been an amusement tradition since the early 1900’s and combines midway nostalgia with sport and skill. Test your touch as you roll the ball down the runway into one of the scoring rings. The higher your ball goes, the higher the points you earn. These skee-ball lanes are similar to bowling and are a great combination for any event.