Big Glove Boxing
Two participants enter an inflatable boxing ring with over-sized boxing gloves and headgear. The fun begins when the contestants hilariously and clumsily try to box their opponent. Forget about those old-fashioned pillow fights. It’s time to duke it out and take home the championship belt!

Batting Cage

Swing for the fences with the new Club T Productions USA Batting Cage. This inflatable batting enclosure features a professional pitching arm that controls the speed of each ball pitched, ensuring a safe swinging environment. Complete with home plate, baseball bats, and helmets, this Batting Cage will create instant fans ready to cheer the players on! A guaranteed grand slam!


Are you ready for some Football? …Similar to the Sumo Wrestlers, but in NFL over-sized gear. The end zone never looked so far away! Great for any sports-themed parties, birthday parties or just a fun and safer Sunday afternoon game with the guys!

Bungee Bull

Do you have what it takes to withstand Butch, the wild bucking bull? Participants ride on a foam padded bull and hang on for dear life while fellow cow pokes pull four bungee cords attempting to safely toss you off onto an inflatable mattress. Hold on tight for the ride of your life! Yeeeee Haaawww!

Bungee Run

Two participants line up side by side for a one-on-one race down an inflatable lane. The objective? Attaching a Velcro beanbag the farthest on the center dividing wall. The catch? Each participant is attached via a waist restraint to a bungee cord. The fun begins when watching contestants fly back to the starting line.

Cash Cube

Hope you have fast hands because the object is to catch as much money as you can. Fill our crazy Cash Cube with real dollar bills, gift certificates or just fun play money and then watch as each guest steps into the phone-sized booth and waits for the air blower to turn on. Swirling money is everywhere and there is only a certain amount of time to grab as much of it as you can! A great item for casino nights, tradeshows and even sports banquets.

County Jail

Are you planning a western-themed event or looking for the perfect fundraiser, then look no further! You must invest in our unique County Jail. Standing 7’ tall x 7’ wide, this County Jail holds up to ten prisoners. Ask about customizing your event with our own county sheriffs, search warrants and bail bonds for an authentic experience. Criminals Beware!

Dunk Tank

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Throw the ball, hit the target and watch a friend or co-worker gets dunked. Just hope that water isn’t too cold! A perfect engaging activity for fundraising events!

Fly Guy

They move, they dance and they’ll attract tons of attention at your next event. These inflatable air puppets have been made famous by numerous Super Bowls and Olympic events. Club T Productions USA is now proud to bring them to you. With a variety of characters and colors to choose from and heights topping 30’ tall, our Fly Guys are a great visual that will provide an admired effect

Giant Trikes

Our hilarious over-sized tricycles are great for corporate teambuilding events. Three contestants compete for all they’re worth around a race-track toward the finish line. The winner earns bragging rights for the rest of the event!

Giant Slides

Loads of fun for all ages. These Giant Slides draw a crowd wherever they go. We have several to choose from including a colossal Surfer Wave, a super-cool Fire Truck and the great Titanic Ship

Giant Twister

The original game with a new twist. Be the last to keep your hands and feet on the appropriate colors and hope that your opponents lose their balance first. A giant inflatable mat is filled with air as an extra challenge for the players. Do you have what it takes to be a human pretzel? Intertwine and compete with your friends for a dot to win!

Gladiator Joust

American Gladiators here we come! For this event, two willing participants position themselves on separate raised platforms above an inflatable mattress. The goal is to knock their opponent off of the pedestal using a padded pugal stick. Balance is the secret agent in winning this immensely watched event. Be sure to ask us about our Gladiator Olympics and guest referees.

Golf Driving Range

A 16’x16’x16’ inflatable golf driving range will excite guests at your next event. The realistically printed golf ball hood and digitally printed fairway make this golf game one of the most visual driving ranges on the market. Participants drive the golf ball into the fairway backdrop while a state-of-the-art radar gun projects, in yards, the distance the golfer drove the ball. The results are then displayed on a three-panel yellow digital display board. This driving range is sure to leave guests swinging for more.

Gotta-Go Racers

When you “gotta go”, you gotta get the Gotta Go Racers. These motorized porta potty racers are powered by golf cart batteries that speed around a 40’ x 60’ inflatable track. Four contestants at a time cruise on these flushing Ferrari’s that are fun for both spectators and participants alike. Be sure to ask us how to turn these toilet racers into kegs of beer, golf balls, football helmets, mini cars or your own custom theme.

Hard Rock Wall (with trampoline)

At 28′ tall, we have the largest, portable Hard Rock Wall available today. With an extremely realistic climbing surface and contours, this wall guarantees to thrill even the most experienced climber. Key Features include four climb-ready sides, allowing up to 80 persons per hour, as well as a unique auto-belay system which allows all sides to be utilized at once with only one operator. Help your next college event, town festival or summer-outing reach new heights!

Human Bowling

STRIKE! Become the human bowling ball at your next event and see if you have what it takes to roll a strike or a spare. Contestants are safely strapped into a 4’ diameter steel ball and then rolled by teammates down a 30’ long inflatable alley in an attempt to knock over oversized foam bowling pins. It can’t get any better than this!

Human Foosball

The name says it all… A life-size, inflatable version of the popular foosball table game found in bars, cafes and arcades around the world. Ten participants (five per side) enter the 50′ x 30′ arena and line up. Each player wears a waist harness that is connected to long poles replicating the foosball table game controls, directing each player to move left or right in their designated zone. The game is played in an identical fashion to its diminutive cousin, with team work being paramount in order to score a goal against the opposition. The nine foot tall walls are fully netted, ensuring continuous play and great spectating. In order to win, the team must communicate and work together – making this a perfect team building exercise.

Laser Tag

Get ready to experience the latest high tech frenzy! This inflatable dome laser tag arena comes complete with fog, black lights and concert style sound. Players enter the mazed arena and use the inflatable barriers as hiding spots in an attempt to ambush opposing players or teams. Complete with laser guns and vests, our Laser Tag has a HUGE visual appeal and creates an instant “wow” environment.

Mechanical Bull

Ride em’ Cowboy! All the excitement of an authentic rodeo and much more. Contestants sit on a padded bull surrounded by an inflatable mat, while the operator makes it twist, turn, buck and jolt. Hold on for the ride of your life because the longest time wins a prize!

Miniature Golf Course

Nine holes of festive and challenging fun for all ages! This exciting course features full-scale obstacles, score cards, clubs and a guaranteed good time. Ideal for corporate outings or block parties.


A staple at most events, the Moonwalk is perfect for entertaining the children at your event. The inflatable bouncing area, walls and net front make for a safe environment as well as the perfect babysitter. The Moonwalk is quite a visual item and is guaranteed to keep the kids bouncing for hours. Call and ask about our themed Moonwalks for a special personal touch.

Obstacle Course

Ready, Set, GO! Two contestants will race through this 40’ long crazy, wacky obstacle course. In order to win – crawling, climbing and jumping is a must in order to be the first to the finish line. This is a great exercise for team building relay races (and gives a free pass for office bragging rights).

Pizza Chef

Children crawl through a fun-filled maze underneath the cheese and pepperoni toppings of a 30’ wide inflatable pizza. While crawling their way through the crust of the pizza, children attempt to make their way to the center of the maze where they can stand up and look out the belly of the chef. Clear windows along the side of the maze allow parents to witness the fun inside. Incredible pizza graphics make this maze come alive…Now That’s Amore!!!!

Pony Hops (four racers)

Get ready to hop around and have a ball! These old-style picnic racing ponies are a guaranteed yeehaw! Made of a highly flexible material used for river rapids and sea towable inflatables, the Pony Hops ensure zero air loss and lots of bounce. All you have to do is sit down and begin bouncing up and down to propel forward. The harder the bounce, the faster you go. Great for summer outings, team-building programs, casino nights and ball park promotions.

Robo Surfer

See if you have what it takes to “hang ten” at your next event. Contestants stand on a mechanical surfboard that rests above an inflatable ocean of waves and palm trees. The surfboard is controlled by a joystick controller which adjusts the speed, direction and intensity of the board, giving the contestant a most challenging ride. Coordination, agility and smooth hip movements are a must….Surfs up dude!

Slip N’ Slide

Run, stretch, dive….Slip n’Slide! This 30’ long inflatable runway is sure to keep guests laughing all the way down. Overhead archways spray a fine mist of water on the inflatable runway while each guest runs and slides head first down the lane into a small pool of water. Perfect for summer outings or any event that needs to be cooled off.

Speed Pitch Radar Cage

Who’s going to be the next Pedro Martinez? The Speed Pitch clocks the speed of a participants throw using a high tech radar gun. Make a contest out of it: The fastest throw of the day wins or guess your speed for a prize. This is a perfect item for baseball little leagues or town fairs.

Sumo Wrestling

One of our most popular rentals, Sumo Wrestling is a real crowd pleaser. Two participants put on over-sized sumo wrestling suits, sumo hair and get ready to wrestle. Now looking like they weigh 400 pounds, each contestant waddles to the center of the mat in an attempt to knock their opponent down or at least push them out of the circle. This event always gets tons of laughs and is great for office parties. Be sure to look out for the Super Sumo Slam! Ask us about our tag team matches and special guest referees.

Synthetic Skating Ring

From Cirque Du Soliel to major cruise ships and even Las Vegas Casinos… everyone loves synthetic ice! And now Club T Productions USA offers a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink that is comprised of an artificial skating surface that requires no refrigeration. A perfect accessory for block parties, ballroom events or just in the backyard, our synthetic ice surface lets you enjoy the winter sport all year long. Complete with over 60 pairs of rental skates and fencing, the synthetic ice rink is just the thing for holiday parties (figure skaters can perform during cocktail hour) kids hockey practice, tree lighting ceremonies and even community fundraisers.

Trackless Train

All Aboard – The party train is leaving. Up to twelve of your guests pile in this three-car trackless train and experience a ride comparable to that of an established amusement park. The train travels at approximately 8 miles an hour and is a mega hit with younger guests! A recommended item for fundraising events. Choo-Choo!

Turbo Bikes

A new trend evolving from Europe, this is something you just have to experience for yourself. Our Turbo Bikes are designed to sit low to the ground with the body resembling an oversized three wheeled tricycle. What makes this experience so unique is that the seat itself is the steering wheel allowing for super mobility and speed! These Turbo Bikes have been a huge hit thus far and are highly addictive for everyone who partakes! For added visual appeal ask about our 40’ X 60’ inflatable speedway!