Carnival & Picnic Games

Baseball Toss

Throw your best pitch and see if you have what it takes to strikeeee em’ out. This colorful backdrop game is great for baseball outings or any event where you want to test your pitching skills.


Baggo is a challenging bean bag toss game that is played similarly like horseshoes. Participants attempt to toss bean bags through the Baggo scoring hole for chance to win points. Ranging from 3 points to 1 point, the first team to reach 21 points wins. This HIGHLY COMPETITIVE bean bag game is ideal for the back yard, the beach, company picnics, youth groups, active seniors, tailgate parties and campouts… or wherever you want to have FUN!

Beverage Relay

This wacky and faced-paced game is sure to cool things off at your next summer outing or picnic. Up to six teams compete in this refreshing relay race. Each team member takes a turn wearing a helmet with a cup attached on the top. Teammates then try to fill the cup with water by squeezing water out of the supplied sponges. Once the cup is full, the contestant has to run to the opposite end of the field where they attempt to empty their full cup of water into a pitcher by strategically tilting their head. The first team to fill the pitcher of water wins. Bathing suits optional! 100 people per hour, water source required, 30 minute set-up time, space varies.

Carnival Booths

Red and white striped carnival booths bring that nostalgic midway feel to any event. Many classic carnival games to choose from including the Duck Pond, Can Smash, Dart Balloon, Flip-a-Frog, Milk Bottles, Ring-the-Bottle, Color Game and many more. Be sure to ask us about complete carnival game packages that include prizes and game tickets.

Cash Cube

Hope you have fast hands because the object is to catch as much money as you can. Fill our crazy Cash Cube with real dollar bills, gift certificates or just fun play money and then watch as each guest steps into the phone-sized booth and waits for the air blower to turn on. Swirling money is everywhere and there is only a certain amount of time to grab as much of it as you can! A great item for casino nights, tradeshows and even sports banquets. 20 amps, 110v, 45 minute set-up time, 4’x8’ space required.

Dunk Tank

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Throw the ball, hit the target and watch a friend or co-worker get dunked. Just hope that water isn’t too cold! A perfect engaging activity for fundraising events!

Game Show Mania

Come on down… you are the next contestant in Game Show Mania. Game Show Mania is the Jeopardy style television show brought right to you. Complete with lit up game stations, digital scoring, music and even a game show host, this game gets everyone at your event involved. For enhanced competition, ask questions about company trivia or team strategies. Prizes are included for the winning team!

Giant Trikes

Our hilarious over-sized tricycles are great for corporate teambuilding events. Three contestants compete for all they’re worth around a race-track toward the finish line. The winner earns bragging rights for the rest of the event!

Golf Chipping Challenge

Accuracy and the right touch is the secret to successfully chipping your golf ball to a win! Our perfectly weighted hook and loop covered golf balls and our freestanding vertical green gives you the experience of being on the green. Whoever chips closest to the golf pin – wins! It’s that easy. This golf game can be set up indoors or outside and requires little space. It is the truest test of chipping skills we’ve ever seen. Combine it with our Golf Driving Range and our Portable Miniature Golf Course for an unrivaled golf or sports themed event.

High Striker

Straight from the county fair, this game is a true test of strength. Contestants strongly and swiftly swing a sledge hammer down to the target sending the marker directly to the top, ringing the bell. Well… that is only if you’re strong enough!


How accurate is your aim? The objective is to toss horseshoes around the metal stake and whoever comes closest wins the match. Guaranteed fun for corporate outings or just part of a picnic game package. No power required, 30 minute set-up time, 40’L.

Laser Toss

Kids, teens, and adults alike LOVE to play our Laser Toss flying disc game. This space-themed game allures the participant to test their accuracy skills by flinging the disc into the out of space planet to earn points. Highly addictive and game that makes friendly competition soar!

Miniature Golf Course

Nine holes of festive and challenging fun for all ages! This exciting course features full-scale obstacles, score cards, clubs and a guaranteed good time. Ideal for corporate outings or block parties.

Pony Hops

Get ready to hop around and have a ball! These old-style picnic racing ponies are a guaranteed yeehaw! Made of a highly flexible material used for river rapids and sea towable inflatables, the Pony Hops ensure zero air loss and lots of bounce. All you have to do is sit down and begin bouncing up and down to propel forward. The harder the bounce, the faster you go. Great for summer outings, team-building programs, casino nights and ball park promotions.

Quarterback Attack

Quarterback Toss is a winner at any sporting event, fund raiser, or carnival. It’s a very simple game but irresistible! No football player or football player want-to-be can walk by this game without giving it a shot.

Shark Attack

Jaws is on the loose and he’s coming to your next event. Contestants stand on a wooden surfboard and slingshot fake body parts and fish into the mouth of Jaws. This backdrop game is extremely popular especially when giving out prizes.

Softball Gear

Bats, balls, gloves, bases and helmets…Batter Up!

Tower Building

Tower Building is a challenging picnic game that combines strategy, teamwork and lots of coordination. Teams are equipped with pvc piping and connectors to build the tallest structure they can in an allotted time frame. Once time is up, each team must step away from their creation. The tallest, standing structure, without falling over, wins. Look out below!


Tug of WarWhich team will win office bragging rights for being the strongest team? Need we say more?

Turbo Bikes

A new trend evolving from Europe, this is something you just have to experience for yourself. Our Turbo Bikes are designed to sit low to the ground with the body resembling an oversized three wheeled tricycle. What makes this experience so unique is that the seat itself is the steering wheel allowing for super mobility and speed! These Turbo Bikes have been a huge hit thus far and are highly addictive for everyone who partakes! For added visual appeal ask about our 40’ X 60’ inflatable speedway!


Complete with net, ball and line markers, this volleyball set can be assembled on any surface.

Water Balloon Bungee

Get ready to get wet! Two teams compete in this modified version of water balloon tossing we call the Water Balloon Bungee Launch. Teams place water balloons in a special bungee sling shot and launch each one over to their teammates on the opposite side of the field. These teammates have to jointly hold a bucket and try to catch each flying water balloon. The team that catches the most water balloons wins. This is truly a great team builder and guarantees lots of laughs