Photo Ops

3D Flip Photos

Our photographer takes two different picture poses of you and a guest and turns the finished product into a picture that animates both poses with a flip of the wrist. With tons of exciting backgrounds to choose from, this program will leave guests flipping out at your next event.

Antique Photos

Old-fashioned antique photos are always a big hit. Comes complete with a backdrop, hundreds of costumes and plenty of props. Choose wild hats, crazy wigs and much more. Two hundred black and white photos are included and can be put into a customized picture frame. Round up the crew and become rebel-rousing outlaws or finally get that family portrait!

Bobble Heads

Be a bobble head with your photo as the face. Baseball players, soccer players, football players, cheer leaders and ballerinas are always a huge hit. Over 20 different options to choose from.

Cool Pix

This is one of the hottest photo programs available and it is sure to be a huge hit at your next event. A Disney quality photo system uses green screen technology to super impose guests full body into amazing high resolution images. Customized backgrounds include movie scenes, sports, celebrities, TV shows, advertisements and various scenic backgrounds. One to fifteen people can be in each photograph.

Hairstyle Illusion Booth

One of our most popular renters, the Hair-Style Illusion Booth gives you the ability to be blond, brunette, have short hair or curly hair. Our “magic” booth takes a photograph of the person’s face and then super-imposes wacky, wild and some highly unique hair-styles. Both males and females alike select four favorite hair styles from 32 different designs and then when finished receive an index size postcard of their new dos. Never could be changing hair-styles be so fun! As an added bonus, this photo booth also offers group or individual fun-framed photos with whimsical designed borders. Choose from Friends Forever, America’s Most Wanted or Shagadelic – just pick your favorite!

Name Thet Tune

Say goodbye to caricature artists with our new high tech personalized cartoon keepsakes. Your party guests tell our operator their occupation, sport, hobby or family orientated theme and the computer creates a cartoon rendition of their requests. This new program is fast, colorful and produces a high quality keepsake or gift. Matted framed photos, mouse pads, t-shirts and key chains are some of the party favorites.

Photo Fantasy

Our photographers take pictures of your guests and then super-impose them into various scenes, magazine covers, playbills and more. Be sure to ask about our new photo candy boxes!

Photo Shoppe

Our photographers take pictures of your guests and then place the photos into magnets, key chains, or a variety of funny frames. The end result is a perfect take home souvenir. Ask about our deluxe program that includes compact mirrors, snow globes, photo clips and more.

Photo Slide Viewers

Our photographers take pictures of all your guests. The picture slides are then instantly processed, put into view finder casings and then you can hold them up to the light to see the picture. For personalized take home gifts, ask about customized engraving on each view finder.

Photo Sticker Machine

Watch guests stand in front of our photo sticker machine, select a background and presto…. a sheet of 16 stickers with your photo and chosen background is produced. Now you can trade ’em, wear ’em or stick ‘em to your locker or notebook!

Sport Cards

Guests are super-imposed into authentic looking sports trading cards. Perfect for football, baseball, basketball or hockey themed events. Complete with customized statistics and a plastic holder.

Wacky ID Shop

A customized program that creates artificial identification cards for party cards. Laminated with your guest’s picture, backgrounds include a kissing license, home work excuse card, backstage pass, credit card, security card and many others. Dozens of choices and tons of laughs.