Novelties & Crafts

Airbrush Face Painting

Simply Put… This is the most amazing, cutting edge face painting rental available. Dazzle your guests with the same face painting techniques done at Disney World and Universal Studios. We use 10 air-guns to create the most amazing body art you have ever seen. Our professional paint carries a “child safety rating” and is water soluble, non toxic safe for face, body and hair applications, non-staining and is washable with soap and water. All our paints and theatrical products are FDA approved ingredients. Sequence, glitter and trained Hollywood studio makeup artists make this face painting something people will be raving about for years to come!

Airbrush Tattoos

Our airbrush tattoo artist comes complete with a diamond plated push cart and a flip chart of over 100 tattoos. From intricate tribal arm band designs, Chinese symbols or beautiful roses, we provide the experience of sitting at an authentic tattoo parlor. Our airbrush tattoos are non toxic and last between 5-7 days. They are just like the real thing without the pain!

Airbrush T-Shirts

Our airbrush t-shirt artists magically paint names and other graffiti type artwork on t-shirts, sweat pants and even boxer shorts while you wait. For added impact, ask about imprinted giveaways.

Army Dog Tags

Dressed in military garb, our attendants will create personalized authentic military dog tags for your little soldier!

Bead Pens

More than just a craft your guests will love…it’s a craft they will use. Party guests construct pens out of colored cubed beads with various letters, symbols and other designs. Once complete, they have a fully functional and personalized pen.

Birthday Chronical

There is no such thing as old news with the Birthday Chronicle. Just give our attendant your full name and birthday and we’ll print out a personalized front page newspaper article (suitable for framing) highlighting the major events that took place on your birthday. Find out what happened on your special day!

Build A Bear

Experience the latest craze in shopping centers across the country. Select your favorite plush animal and have our special stuffing machine fill your new best friend with comfy feathers and stuffing. Complete your build a bear experience by selecting an outfit and signing his/her birth certificate.

Chocolate Factory

Experience the mouth-watering taste and aroma of cascading chocolate. An exciting addition to any wedding, party or fundraising event, the Chocolate Factory is an experience your guests will be quite fond of. Just imagine the sight, sound and fragrance of rich, Belgian chocolate as it flows down an elegant, three-tiered waterfall. Is your mouth watering yet? Guests dip fruit and other gourmet treats into the flowing chocolate for an edible treat they won’t keep their hands off of.

Flip Flops

Choose your favorite color flip flop, fabric, pattern, gem stones, and other decorative items to create your own stylish sandals. Girls love them!

Fragrance Candles

Fragrancel candles are the fastest growing and hottest selling products in the candle market today. Your guests select from a variety of glasses and then have it filled with gel by our candle maker. After the gel has been placed, guests can add fun scents and props to the fragrance candle including colored gems, seashells, coins, flowers, candy & more. Once your candle is boxed, it makes the perfect gift.

Glass Etching

Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced artist, our glass etching program will have you creating beautiful etched designs on your favorite glassware in just minutes. An array of designs including flowers, celestial, animals, tribal and sports are available. Pick from glass ornaments, mugs, vases, glasses mirrors and much more. It’s personalized, easy and a great take home gift!

Hairstyle Illusion Booth

One of our most popular renters, the Hair-Style Illusion Booth gives you the ability to be blond, brunette, have short hair or curly hair. Our “magic” booth takes a photograph of the person’s face and then super-imposes wacky, wild and some highly unique hair-styles. Both males and females alike select four favorite hair styles from 32 different designs and then when finished receive an index size postcard of their new dos. Never could be changing hair-styles be so fun! As an added bonus, this photo booth also offers group or individual fun-framed photos with whimsical designed borders. Choose from Friends Forever, America’s Most Wanted or Shagadelic – just pick your favorite! 25 per hour, 20 amp, 110v circuit, 30 minute set – up time, 4’x4’ area required.

Hollywood Hands

Planning a Hollywood or Grammy Award theme party…then this is the perfect item for you. Party guests place their hand in our special plaster mixture and then decorate their mark of fame to create a take home gift that you would only see at the Grumman’s Chinese Theater. A star is born!

Jell Candles

Jell candles are the fastest growing and hottest selling products in the candle market today. Your guests select from a variety of glasses and then have it filled with gel by our candle maker. After the gel has been placed, guests can add fun scents and props to the jell candle including colored gems, seashells, coins, flowers, candy & more. Once your candle is boxed, it makes the perfect gift.

Jewlery Engraving

Guests choose from a variety of gold and silver plated style bracelets, chokers, dog tags, key chains and more. We then engrave whatever name or saying they would like on their piece of jewelry right in front of their eyes.

Perfume Shoppe

Create your own special blend of perfume or cologne using various oils and spices including fig, jasmine, vanilla & more. Remember – a little goes a long way!

Personalized Key Chains

A great novelty rental, your party guest select their favorite keychain and we engrave their name while they wait. All major sport teams, colleges, states, cartoon characters, and other selections are available.

Pucker Power

Sugar Sticks were everyone’s favorite at one time in their life and now Perfect Parties USA lets your guests make their own colorful, fully flavored pixi sticks. How to create: you will need one clear, foot long pixi stick tube, a sugar dispensing unit and 12 different flavors and colors of sugar, making an edible candy treat that will leave you coming back for more. Good thing we provide the ingredients. Choose from sour apple, root beer, fruit punch, lemon-lime and much more. For a personalized touch, try adding custom labels to each pixi stick tube!

Rice Jewelery (75 Pieces)

Straight from Greenwich Village in New York City, Rice Jewelry allows for you to choose favorite phrases or names which is then embossed on a grain of rice and put into a tear shaped glass. This starts the process for your very own Rice Necklace. Now how awesome is that!

Sand Art (50 Pieces)

Kids of all ages can custom create their own arrangement of bright sand colors in a fun and uniquely designed bottle. Take it one step further and use tart candy instead of sand and it now becomes a design that the kids can actually eat.

Sign Shop (75 Pieces)

Kids love customizing their very own street signs to add to their room décor! Whether it’s a Stop Signal, No Standing Allowed, Do Not Enter or even a state license plate with their name on it, each guest is guaranteed to take home a treasured souvenir. A great activity at birthday parties, end of school year festivals, bar/baht mitzvahs & more.

Spin Art (50 Pieces)

An all-time carnival favorite, children custom make their own art creations using drop dabs of non-toxic color paint on frisbees, shirts or index cards. Once the drops are placed, the item is then spun into action creating a really cool, out of this world, colorful creation!

T-Shirt Factory

Our answer to the perfect take home souvenir. The T-Shirt Factory comes with a flip chart display of over 100 different t-shirt transfers including holiday themed designs, popular sport teams and music artist’s logos, glitter designs plus much more. Guests choose which transfer they like best and we press it onto a t-shirt, creating those fabulous t-shirts you see in popular magazines and apparel stores. We provide an array of t-shirt styles and colors for just the right look. Ask about customized shirts as well as sweatpants and boxer shorts.

Wax Hands

Just when you think you have seen it all, our wax hands will prove you different. Your party guests repeatedly dip their hands in special colorful wax, producing a take home sculpture of their very own hand. Handheld props and symbols such as hang loose, thumbs up, peace and I love you are always a favorite. A perfect rental for college and prom parties, bar/baht mitzvahs & birthday parties.